VOLARE: The First Commercial Blockchain Network from EQBR Technology


Many decentralized applications (dApps) have sprung up as a result of Ethereum’s ability to implement Smart Contracts, and each one has evolved into a service. However, as the number of dApps on the Ethereum network grows, so do the services and systems that depend on them. The lack of a fundamental solution to the commercialization of the blockchain led to difficulties in commercialization of the existing blockchain platforms. Commercialization is being hampered by the system’s low transaction rate compared to current client-server systems. When the transaction load on one particular service is too high, all other structured services are affected.

For blockchain scalability, Volare will use microservice architecture and build a blockchain-based commercial service. The Volare Network is the first commercially optimized blockchain network to address both of these issues.

About Volare

Volare is a Web 3.0 blockchain network specifically built for the gaming sector. The Volare Network is based on Equilibrium’s revolutionary blockchain technology and is regarded as the most advanced blockchain engine of the third generation to date. Using Equilibrium as its engine, Volare plans to construct a fully economically successful gaming-only network. The Volare project represents a significant technological advancement as the first commercially viable blockchain network based on the Equilibrium technology’s scalability, robustness, and speed. This embodies the aspirational idea of developing a blockchain ecosystem that is truly economic.

Volare Network is a blockchain network that allows computing performance similar to existing industrial conventional financial systems by achieving speeds of 4,500 tps and block creation and confirmation times of less than 3 seconds through the use of the Equilibrium consensus engine. In addition to storage and dependability, we have examined a variety of other criteria for commercial use. The balancing engine features a storage optimization module that responds to storage issues caused by high system speeds, as well as a network traffic optimization module that ensures system stability in response to varied system speeds. Consequently, the Equilibrium engine has evolved into a high-performance blockchain engine capable of supporting not only financial systems but also a variety of commercial applications, including games, platforms, marketplaces, and funding.

The Volare Network demonstrates that alternative blockchains now available on the market are insufficient for completely commercial use. This blockchain network has relatively slow transaction speeds and minimal scalability compared to typical client-server systems. Users who are accustomed to the high speed of old network systems will find the modest pace of this blockchain network insufficient. In addition, the low scalability caused by structural limits is a significant issue. The transaction load on a certain service will leak to all other services in the network, resulting in poor user utility and a key concern for network operators. Volare Network is the first commercially optimized blockchain network to successfully address these two primary issues.

Volare Has Advantages Over Other Blockchains

Using Equilibrium’s Equilibrium engine, Volare will be the first blockchain network to prove its complete economic viability. When it comes to creating a truly commercially viable blockchain, Equilibrium was built from the ground up to address the challenges that many other blockchains face today, including transaction speed and scalability issues. Volare Network uses a consensus technique and a unique micro-chain structure to deliver faster transaction and confirmation speeds, resulting in a delightful and flawless gaming experience for both developers and consumers.

mVOLR Token

mini VOLR is a VOLR Event Token issued before to the launch of the Volare Mainnet. mini VOLR’s primary function is to promote the Volare project. Participate in numerous airdrop events through multiple channels and receive mini VOLR as a prize. Due to the fact that mini VOLR will be traded for VOLR once the mainnet is deployed, mini VOLR contributes to the revitalization of the VOLR mainnet ecosystem by lowering the entrance barrier for many users.

Decentralized Exchange (DEX)

A decentralized exchange, or DEX, is a cryptocurrency that is traded on a blockchain. Via the Volare DEX, tokens can be exchanged using the order book method on the Volare network. In order to use tokens in Dapps on the network, users can swap them using the DEX platform. It is the goal of the Volare network’s Decentralized Exchange (DEX) to maximize the exchange rate of digital assets (tokens). The Volare Network’s decentralized exchange differs from the Centralized Exchange (CEX), which maintains assets on a single server, by allowing users to store and control their own assets.

Because DEX is a peer-to-peer live trading platform designed on-chain, no hacking issues exist off-chain and no trusted third party relays transactions, it is feasible to conduct secure transactions. It is Volare’s long-term objective to become a Web 3.0-based gaming-only network by giving developers with beneficial development tools and allowing outside developers and their goods to co-exist on the network.

The DEX provided by Volare Network has increased the ecosystem’s Exchange Rate for virtual assets. In addition to the numerous well-known advantages of decentralized exchanges, virtual assets exchanged on DEXs create a liquidity pool within the network, and operators assign exchange rates to each token in an effort to provide better service. In addition, the Volare Network DEX permits the exchange of virtual assets from external networks, so enhancing the Volare Exchange Rate and fostering the development of a progressive ecosystem.

Wallet/ Extension (Whisper MSG)

Whisper MSG partners with Volare, the first commercial network project from Equilibrium designed to provide blockchain infrastructure to developers. Volare is currently allowing future network users to earn mVOLR, a temporary token that will someday migrate to Volare, for free by completing easy tasks.

Wallet is an essential feature for blockchain network users. Volare supports Wallets integrated in P2P Whisper wallets or independent Wallet Extensions. Whisper Wallet enables users to utilize payment services in a more familiar and comfortable setting. Extensions can accomplish this if the user requires authentication for more complicated transactions.

Using asymmetric key encryption technology based on the elliptic curve technique, Whisper MSG is able to offer the highest level of security. The blockchain-based P2P structure makes it possible to register and store all important information in the form of a Decentralized Identifier only on the user’s device, and not on a central server, allowing for the provision of a true P2P direct messaging environment and eliminating the possibility of external hacking attempts.


Volare Network intends to actively recruit highly accessible decentralized applications (dApps), such as blockchain-based games, in order to achieve its primary objective of commercializing blockchain technology. To this purpose, the Volare Network takes into consideration the most essential elements in the process of selecting the most technologically appropriate blockchain engine. These factors include fast speed, support for easy development of smart contracts, and the potential to scale the system. Concerning the Volare network, the Equilibrium blockchain system was determined to be appropriate for use as a blockchain, and it was afterwards customized to and implemented in accordance with the characteristics of the network that Volare sought to achieve.

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