TVG is a Social Coin That Allows Users to Trade While Also Contributing to A Charitable Cause


Information technology is essential to the growth of the global economy. The financial sector will be affected by the development of information technology. Cryptocurrency, also known as virtual or digital currency, is the result of a technological advancement in the field of finance (financial technology). The use of digital currency as a form of payment on the internet is becoming more commonplace. This currency’s primary function is to make online transactions more convenient and secure. Transaction costs can be reduced by incorporating Blockchain technology into the system. One example of this is TVG, which uses blockchain technology to facilitate international money transfers while also ensuring maximum transparency in financial transactions.

About TVG

TVG is a social token that enables users to trade and make purchases while contributing to charity organizations. This allows international money transfers while providing maximum financial transaction transparency. This is the first project in which every purchase helps to global improvement. With each purchase, a portion of TVG will be donated to charitable causes, bringing smiles to the faces of many less fortunate individuals. TVG combines the best of blockchain technology with a commitment to social responsibility.

TVG is a cryptocurrency with a blockchain-based technical backbone. Using blockchain technology, the TVG team discovered a novel method for making contributions straightforward, trustworthy, and safe. TVG Coin will be the first high-quality, nonprofit-focused cryptocurrency on the market. The TVG Team will contribute a percentage of TVG to a worthy cause from the TVG Charity supply Fund for every investment made by consumers.

TVG recently had the opportunity to share their concept at “The Crypto Expo Dubai 2022,” and they were ecstatic with the reception they received from the audience. Moreover, TVG is proud to be listed with the UAE DMCC and looks forward to future partnerships. They believe that with hard effort and a dedicated approach, TVG will gain the necessary support and encouragement from around the world, culminating in a community that is globally engaged. By 2023, TVG aspires to be among the top 50 capital markets for cryptocurrencies. While achieving this milestone is near and dear to our hearts, TVG will have $500 billion in bitcoin capital by the year 2026.

Why Choose TVG?

The TVG team is comprised of fans who feel that with TVG’s assistance, they can make the world a better place and raise the bar for philanthropy. With TVG, we are all able to donate to a worthy cause while generating enormous income.

TVG’s objective is to create TVG a worldwide currency recognised in 193 nations. The TVG Team is constantly questioned about its one trillion coin supply. TVG aspires to circulate 1 trillion coins to ensure that all participants in this fast developing open environment have access. In addition, for every TVG exchange or buy, a portion of TVG coins are set aside for philanthropic causes. Consider how the world would be a better place for everyone if the millions of transactions that occur every day could have a positive social impact.


TVG coin is a TRC20-based coin used in the TRON blockchain network for e-commerce transactions. TVG Coin adds value by enabling the TVG community to share profits through staking and trading. The TRC20 environmental package includes speedier transactions, reduced fuel costs, multichain use, and more.

Based on the Tron and Bitcoin platforms, ICO Crypto tokens will be issued. It offers token compatibility with third-party service wallets, exchanges, etc. and integration that is simple to use. We may accept TVG as a mode of payment for our Products and Services. TVG will be used for merchant and vendor stakes and payments. The maximum total supply of TVG Tokens is one hundred billion billion tokens. Unsold TVG tokens will be destroyed by burning. By burning unsold TVG tokens, these tokens will be removed from inventory, hence increasing the value of each TVG token held by the token holder. When establishing the overall quantity of 1 trillion coins, TVG wants to ensure that every person on earth has a set number of TVG coins. The TVG core team, however, stepped up to provide a generous solution in light of the current circumstances, in which folks are suffering and want financial assistance to make ends meet.

  • Symbol: TVG
  • Type: TRC20
  • Total Supply: 1,000,000,000,000 TVG
  • TVG’s Charitable supply fund: 100,000,000,000 TVG

TVG decided to set aside 100 billion TVG coins from their total supply for charity causes. TVG intends to partner with one hundred fifty thousand non-governmental organizations worldwide. The premise of TVG contributing a portion of coins from each investment in TVG lends credence to their mission.


TVG Coin is a social coin whose technical foundation is built on the blockchain. Using blockchain technology, the TVG team discovered a novel method for making contributions straightforward, trustworthy, and safe. TVG Coin will be the first high-quality, nonprofit-focused cryptocurrency on the market. The TVG team is certain that with hard effort and a committed attitude, TVG will gain the worldwide support and encouragement it need, culminating in a globally engaged community. TVG is one of the Crypto Expo Dubai 2022 sponsors. There is never a time when it is too late to make the world a better place to live. With TVG: The Social Coin, you can participate while also investing in your future, as only when the community collaborates and contributes will we be able to make a difference.

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