MARBLECAKE Develops Next-Level DeFi Solutions & Yield Protocols.


Recently, the term “DeFi” or “Decentralized Finance” has become popular. This technology disassociates users from financial middlemen such as brokers, exchanges, and banks. Numerous experts have conducted analyses on the possibility of DeFi’s existence. According to some of them, the benefits of adopting it include maintaining complete anonymity and trustworthiness.

One of DeFi’s advantages is that it may be used to power a decentralized exchange. Transactions are financed entirely by cryptocurrency and require only a valid digital wallet address. Additionally, it can be used for DeFi Staking (PoS), a staking technique utilized on blockchains to provide liquidity for PoS consensus-based transaction validation. Finally, DeFi enables customers to borrow indefinitely. With the word employed by the platform for loan services, users can secure crypto assets on the platform.

Marblecake intends to cater to this rising category of retail investors as they enter the DeFi sector in the coming years. By simplifying the use of DeFi services, reducing risk, and delivering a consistent User Experience, this platform will serve as an excellent entry point for this target group. Additionally, Marblecake is built on a more favorable risk-reward ratio, incorporating a token verification system among other features.

About Marblecake

Marblecake is a company that develops services for Decentralized Finance (DF). As part of the project’s work on cryptocurrency trading, farming, and staking solutions, it also works on tokenized assets such as tokens tied to real-world underlyings.

Marblecake provides users with the greatest amount of anonymity, autonomy, and agility possible through the use of decentralized protocols. Users proceed at their own discretion without the requirement to register or otherwise log into the platform, regardless of whether their goal is trading, stakeing, or pooling funds. To begin using the services, all that is required is that you connect your wallet.

Among the many aspects of decentralization are non-custodial trading and transferring, as well as staking. Marblecake does not store any of its users’ private keys and instead just provides the tools necessary to communicate with the blockchain directly. Protocols are fully automated operations that execute without the need for intervention from the protocol deployer.

DeFi has already begun to reshape the very foundations of the financial technology industry. It provides a new level of security, autonomy, openness, and privacy that has not previously been offered in traditional financial institutions. As it continues to draw new users, Marblecake positions itself at the forefront of the crypto economy as a simple method to get started in the crypto economy. The development of new and interesting investment prospects, combined with minimal entry hurdles, allows Marblecake to reach new user groups through the usage of DeFi technology. It aspires to be a powerful ‘entry-level’ solution that is simple to use and safe to operate at all times.

Decentralized financial blockchain services (also known as DeFi) are a broad phrase that encompasses a diverse variety of technologies. Users can transact, stake, and exchange assets, among other things, with the use of smart contracts, without the involvement of other parties. This is what distinguishes DeFi from previous expressions of blockchain finance: Projects such as Marblecake provide the infrastructure that allows people to use it on their own.

Marblecake Platform Features

Marblecake is a decentralized financial ecosystem with a diverse set of tools. Additional functionality will be added as the project matures.

  • DEX (The Core): The AMM (Automated Market Maker) DEX (Decentralized Exchange) is the heart of the platform. A Uniswap fork, Marblecake’s DEX is an autonomous program on the Binance Smart Chain. Liquidity is provided by users who function as Liquidity providers or ‘LPs’. As an LP, the user earns 0.17% on every trade made in the pool. LPs are rewarded When a token pair is added to Marble-LP tokens. These tokens can be liquidated and the user receives the tokens he initially supplied plus the earnings generated during the pooling period. In a non-custodial manner, the DEX interacts with the blockchain. The platform does not hold any of the user’s tokens or keys and users swap tokens directly without any interference from Marblecake. Similar to a self-running vending machine, this innovative process enables a new autonomy for users.
  • Fee Structure: Trades on Marblecake are subject to a 0.25 percent LP charge. 0.17 percent of the charge is paid to liquidity providers directly, while the remaining 0.08 percent is deposited to Marblecake’s treasury fund. Network fees on BSC are subject to vary but are often in the $0.18 range. Fees will also become more affordable as DEX spreads to Polygon and other networks.
  • Yield Farming: Marblecake’s DEX utilizes third-party liquidity offered by what are known as Liquidity Providers, or “LP’s.” As recompense for their liquidity provision, LPs earn a 0.25 percent fee on any trades executed within the pool to which they have submitted pairs.


MARBL is the native token in the Marblecake ecosystem, and it is used to pay for services. It will be introduced as an IDO and will be able to be traded immediately upon its introduction into the market. Marble successfully completed its first IDO in February 2022, which was essential in getting the project off the ground and moving forward. In order to kick off the second phase, Marblecake will hold a second crowdsale in Q2–2022, with the proceeds going toward liquidity provisions on PancakeSwap and the native DEX, as well as marketing and additional development.

Native token: Marble Token

Genesis supply: 1,000,000,000

• 2nd Crowdsale Soft Cap: $500,000

• Funds allocation:

• Liquidity Pool (67%)

• Marketing (23%)

• Development (10%)

The crowdsale will take place exclusively on the Marblecake website. If all goes well, Marble will be available for trading on PancakeSwap as soon as it is finished. Because liquidity is crucial for price stability, we have designated the majority of the funds raised to be used to provide the liquidity pool.

• Marble token allocation:

• 80% allocated for community (available to public)

• 10% Founders

• 10% Treasury


As the DeFi sector and its popularity rise, so do the needs for security. Marblecake will be developed on a blockchain that is entirely cost-effective. Marblecake aspires to serve this expanding demographic. By simplifying the use of DeFi services, reducing risk, and offering a smooth user experience, this platform will serve as an effective jumping off point for this target demographic. Additionally, Marblecake is designed on a more favorable risk-to-reward ratio, incorporating a token verification method among other features. Marblecake’s products are available on the Binance Smart Chain. Additionally, Polygon, Avalanche, and other blockchains will be integrated into the project. In accordance with the aims of low-fee trading, secure transactions, and high-speed trading.

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