Amazin Yeshuwanna Money Aims To Boost The Productivity of dApp’s Developers


The advent of blockchain gaming has reshaped the gaming industry by elevating players to the position of primary financial decision makers, rather than developers. P2E (play-to-earn) crypto gaming is a growing trend that should not be overlooked. The advantage of in-game blockchain technology is that players retain ownership of their assets. Blockchain-based games will utilize smart contracts to manage game transactions, which is significant. Traders and investors in cryptocurrencies have public addresses that they can use to conduct transactions on a variety of blockchain networks. If you develop a blockchain-based game, your players will be able to retrieve their unique public address from game to game.

Amazin Yeshuwanna Money provides developers with the resources and tools necessary to compete in the global gaming market. Additionally, Amazin Yeshuwanna Money can assist large and established companies in the gaming industry in establishing trust and establishing a stronger connection with their players.

About AYM

Amazin Yeshuwanna Money built a decentralized Economic Education Board Game System on the blockchain with a strong emphasis on compliance, security, and developer resources. It is a platform where developers can take advantage of synergies and shared resources within the growing dApp game token ecosystem, while also providing security and scalability for their customers’ needs. Trust is critical in the development of a new gaming token ecosystem, and Amazin Yeshuwanna Money will usher in a new era of transparency.

Amazin Yeshuwanna Money provides developers with the resources and tools necessary to compete in the global gaming market. Additionally, Amazin Yeshuwanna Money can assist large and established companies in the gaming industry in establishing trust and establishing a stronger connection with their players. The Amazin Yeshuwanna Money Economic Education Board Game System enables developers and businesses of all sizes to leverage the Amazin Yeshuwanna Money tool to quickly and efficiently deploy Economic Education Board Game System dApps.

Amazin Yeshuwanna Money connects developers to decentralized programmable blockchain resources, enabling the development of a new paradigm for online gaming systems and infrastructure. Amazin Yeshuwanna Money is a collection of tools that enables developers to create their own games using the Amazin Yeshuwanna Money white label system. Amazin Yeshuwanna Money handles compliance and security at the protocol level, allowing developers to concentrate on the content and design of their game applications rather than on the underlying infrastructure. Amazin Yeshuwanna Money believes that this will significantly lower the entry barriers for online gaming companies, spur the proliferation of gaming dApps tokens, and pave the way for a new multibillion-dollar regulated blockchain gaming industry.

Amazin Yeshuwanna Money is the new standard for an easy and transparent Economic Education Board Game System that integrates seamlessly with the blockchain ecosystem, connecting users and dApps. The purpose of Amazin Yeshuwanna Money is to provide a new framework that can be customized to meet the frequently opaque needs of the gaming industry by providing a standardized, uniform application programming interface (API) with all the fundamental access semantics required by applications.

Amazin Yeshuwanna Money desired robust compliance assurances for regulators, robust security guarantees for players, and a robust set of developer tools to ensure that the needs of all of these players were met. By providing such tools, Amazin Yeshuwanna Money hopes to increase dApp developers’ productivity by allowing them to focus on content and design — while leaving the underlying complexities of the Economic Education Board Game System to technology. As such, we envision a proliferation of token exchange decentralized applications (dApps) on the internet, as well as significantly lower entry barriers for new entrants. Once the complete set of proposed libraries for the Economic Education Board Game System is ready for production, the network will be self-contained.

Gaming Token Exchanges

Players will have the option of exchanging their Amazin Yeshuwanna Money tokens for the game token AmYesMoney (BEP-20), which is the most liquid cryptocurrency. Players may exchange Binance Smart Chain game tokens for AmYesMoney (BEP-20) game tokens in their cryptocurrency wallets, provided that the wallet passes CDD checks. The Binance Smart Chain token is being used to increase liquidity and token stability for the recently published AmYesMoney gaming token Smart Contract (BEP-20). Additional cryptocurrencies, such as Ether or Bitcoin, may be introduced in the future if adequate liquidity and regulatory clarity are achieved. Exchanges operate within an ecosystem in which market participants forecast the outcome of events in exchange for a share of the market’s profits. These shares may be unique or multiple. A complete stock set is a pool of stocks that contains one stock from each valid outcome of the event. Binance’s Smart Chain Contracts enable the system to be fully implemented (Soliditas).


The Amazin Yeshuwanna Money network abstracts the exchange of dApp game tokens and completed games. As a result, the Amazin Yeshuwanna Money library is completely abstracted from the blockchain environment and its associated language requirements. Specific specifications are specified in the smart contract for each type of gaming token. The owner of the dApp will use an asymmetric key system Public Key, Private Key> to gain access to various redundantly stored resources in the off-chain Network for a variety of activities such as event generation; API usage and authentication will be handled cryptographically.


Game token “AmYesMoney” (BEP-20) will be used to run the Amazin Yeshuwanna Money Economic Education Board Game System. This means that game developers, oracle solvers, smart contracts, and gamer tokens will all work together to make the game token dApp network run more smoothly.

Access to the Amazin Yeshuwanna Money network and tools will be gained by exchanging game tokens for AmYesMoney (BEP-20). As part of any dApp or Smart Contract (Game Token) implementation, an AmYesMoney deductible token exchange will be included (BEP-20). For dApp deployments and game tokens, the exact exchange rate in AmYesMoney game tokens (BEP-20) will be determined through hands-on testing in order to determine the ideal formula for scaling the network to its full capacity. the number of AmYesMoney game token necessary to maintain the dApp functioning is directly related to the amount of AmYesMoney game token owned by the dApp. in general, exchange rates for AmYesMoney game token (BEP-20) will be proportional to their worth.

The maximum quantity of an AmYesMoney Game Token (BEP-20) will be 14,232,577,769,808,912 tokens (as determined by AYM), and no additional tokens will be generated outside of the Smart Contract Token Generation Smart Contracts.

Total Supply: 14,232,577,769,808,912 quadrillion

Burn: 101

Max Tax: 25%

Automatic LP Amount: 8%

Token Holder Rewards: 16%

Transaction Educational Tax: 25%

Contract: 0xA2772Ec16949C553A25F733B690894b30d4f3885

Full Name: Amazin Yeshuwanna Money

Symbol: AmYesMoney


Online gaming systems and infrastructure can be developed in a new way thanks to the use of AYM’s Decentralized Programmable Blockchain Resources (DPBR). Aiming to alleviate the programming and legal challenges of decentralized application games, as well as any protocol-level issues, so that developers may concentrate on their content and goods, Amazin Yeshuwanna Money aims to achieve its purpose. Amazin Yeshuwanna Money hopes to increase the output of dApp developers by focusing their efforts on content and implementing the technological modifications made to the Economic Education Board Game System. Amazin Yeshuwanna Money tokens will be exchanged on the Binance Smart Chain Token Contract, which is a decentralized token.

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